Are Leaf Guard Gutter Systems Worth It in La Palma, CA? Easy to Install, Keep Gutters from Clogging & More

Gutter systems become the victim of leaves, ice, and other debris that require regular cleaning. If gutter systems aren’t cleaned, and especially during the fall and winter season, the leaves and ice can cause the gutters to break. For those who keep their gutters cleaned regularly, the task can become a burden. For those who are seeking an easier way to maintain their home’s needed gutter systems, Laguna Bay Developing will share the benefits of switching to leaf guard gutters and why so many homeowners are installing these amazing gutter systems now.

Gutter Guards are Easy to Install

One benefit of switching to leaf guard gutters is that they are quickly and easily installed. Depending on your current gutter system, many will find that most leaf guard gutters can be added to them. In such cases, it is not necessary to remove perfectly good gutters. The leaf guard gutters can fit on top of most gutters, which removes the need to remove and reinstall new gutters. In some cases, some gutters won’t fit correctly to the leaf guard gutters and the need for new gutters is needed. Additionally, should you choose them, the leaf guard gutters are not visible from the ground which maintains your home’s appearance.

Leaf Guard Gutters are Durable & Last

Leaf guard gutters are also durable in most weather conditions. Leaf guard gutters have been tested and proven to withstand 110 mph winds. The Leaf Relief Gutters also prevent ice damage. When the water inside standard gutters freeze the ice expands and breaks the gutters. Since the Leaf Relief Gutters drains nearly 30 inches of water each hour, the water never has time to sit inside the gutter and thereby prevents ice from occurring.

Keep Gutters from Clogging

As the name implies, leaf guard gutter system prevents leaves from getting inside your gutters. With the protective screen that lays on top of these gutters, leaves, twigs and other debris or obstructions simply don’t get stuck inside the gutter. Preventing leaf and other debris from getting inside your gutter doesn’t just help reduce the need to clean your gutters, it also prevents pests. There are a number of pests such as cockroaches, earwigs, spiders, birds, and rodents that often are drawn to gutters that have decaying leaves and debris. You can reduce a number of pest problems by using the Leaf Relief Gutters. Birds and rodents can’t build their nests and the insects that feed on decaying plant matter won’t be drawn to the gutter. Leaf Relief Gutters are designed to help keep pests out of your gutter and is pest resistant to help keep them from using your gutter for travel or use for their homes.

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By keeping plant matter and other forms of debris out of your gutter, rust and other forms of erosion can be prevented. This will extend the life of your gutters. Using the leaf guard gutter system is an easy decision for so many homeowners. One finds that in using leaf guard gutters, the gutter only needs to be cleaned about every 15 years. This, of course, saves time and money. For those who are tired of cleaning or repairing the gutter system, consider installing leaf guard gutters. Laguna Bay Developing provides roofing and gutter installation services. Call Laguna Bay Developing today.

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