Gazebo Design & Construction in Westminster, CA; Best Place to Put, Are Gazebos Worth It & More

A gazebo is a hexagonal or octagonal-shaped roofed structure with open sides all around. They are placed over grass, a concrete pad or its own decking and can be freestanding or attached to a wall. If you’re planning to use your gazebo as extra protection from the elements, it can be enclosed with lattice or curtains for occasional use. Gazebos were originally used in Victorian times to provide shade to pale ladies. Today they are still used for shade and to create an area to eat, for kids to play in and a spot to meditate. Gazebos are a great way to extend your outdoor living space. Some gazebos look stiff and stick out like a sore thumb, while others look like they’ve been there forever. Placement is key for a gazebo to add dimension to your landscaping instead of looking unorganized and junky.

Where is the Best Place to Put a Gazebo

1. Do place a gazebo at the end of a path. This will create a termination point that can add mystery. Visitors will feel drawn into your backyard and make you yard feel inviting and cozy.

2. Do place a gazebo close to water. If you can take advantage of water, the point that overlooks the water is where you should place a gazebo. You can also place a gazebo near a water feature like a trickling fountain waterfall or a pool.

3. Don’t put a gazebo in the middle of your yard. The only time you can is if you have a very large backyard. In the middle of a small yard it will overpower the yard but in a larger yard it will act like an anchor and unite the space.

4. Do place a gazebo on a raised area. If you have a raised area in your yard, then it’s a great location for a gazebo. This allows you to enjoy the sunset or your garden with a bird’s eye view.

5. Do place a gazebo on a deck. Gazebos can create shelter on a deck and can break up a space that can otherwise be boring. Hang little white lights from it to create and intimate place to eat.

6. Don’t place a gazebo too far to one side. Placing a gazebo too far to one side will leave your yard looking unbalanced. It’s okay to do it if you can still enjoy looking at it or it’s there for a good reason, like a for shade near the pool for example. It can also work if you’re trying to hide something you don’t want to look at.

7. Do make it the gem in your garden. The center of your garden is the perfect place to put a gazebo. It can create a place to sit and read or have a cup of coffee. You can enjoy looking at all your flowers and the wonderful smell too.

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Gazebos provide shade, shelter and a place to rest and relax. Placement of your gazebo can make a big difference. Contact the experts at Laguna Bay Developing to help you design and install your gazebo. Give us a call today!

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