How Can I Improve Ventilation at Home in Midway City, CA? Whole House Ventilating System & More

Humidity is important for the comfort of your home, more so in the winter. When vapor combines with fumes it can make the air in your home uncomfortable and toxic. Ventilation is the answer to make sure your home is comfortable and healthy. Laguna Bay Developing outlines why ventilation is important and how to improve it in your home.

What is the Purpose of Fresh Air Intake Vents?

Fresh air intake vents will pull fresh air in through eaves or soffits. Intake valves that draw in cool air from the outside and allowing warm air to escape out the exhaust vents. These vents are always installed with other types of vents that are placed at higher locations to draw air and moisture out of the attic. Soffit vent allow air to flow into your attic from under your roof and help minimize moisture. When too much moisture builds up in the attic it can lead to water buildup that can damage your home. Soffit vents also protect a home form temperature swings. In the summer, hot air in the attic will raise the temperature in the home. Soffit vents help offset this rise in temperature and reduces the need to use your air conditioner. In the winter, soffit vents keep the roof cold and prevents snow from melting on your roof, running down the gutters and then freezing again as an ice dam and causing damage to your home. These vents also cut down on the moisture that can cause mold to form.

Why is Good Ventilation Important?

1. Controls impurities– There are times when the air inside your home is worse than the air outside your home. It’s imperative to have a ventilation system set up in your home to get rid of impurities that can build up in your home, like bacteria, pollutants, moisture and yucky smells.
2. Lowers radon gas concentrations– This gas is colorless, odorless and can cause cancer and levels can rise without proper ventilation. With proper ventilation, radon gas can be reduced to healthy levels.
3. Regulation or air– When a ventilation system is put in place, you have control of the air that is flowing into your home, but it needs to be regulated. Too much fresh air can raise your energy bills. Too little, and health problems can start.
4. Reduce condensation– Mold can start to grow when condensation forms. Mold can cause health issues like allergies and respiratory problems. When a home is ventilated correctly, it’s a healthier place to be.
5. Reduce temperatures– When lots of people occupy a small space, it can feel hot and stuffy. Good ventilation will make any space more comfortable.
6. Health benefits– Bad ventilation mixed with indoor air pollution can cause health issues like asthma, allergies, rashes and sinusitis. Avoid these problems with proper ventilation.

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Without proper ventilation, your home can become a very unpleasant and unsafe place to live. Contact Laguna Bay Developing to have your ventilation system inspected. We can make sure that contaminates are removed by exchanging stale, recirculated indoor air with fresh, filtered outside air. Contact us today.

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