How Can I Remodel My House on a Low Budget in Cypress, CA? Paint, Tile, Hardware, Fixtures & More

Every so often people desire change, especially when it comes to the overall look of their home. But wanting to remodel the different rooms of your home can present a challenge when you are on a limited budget. Giving a room a facelift is easier than you might suppose, even when facing limited funding. With that in mind, we at Laguna Bay Developing would like to offer some suggestions on how you can give the different rooms in your home a change with a limited budget.

Paint House

One of the more low-cost options, yet effective ways to alter any room, is with a new paint job. Changing the color you have looked at for the something years will give you a change you crave. When it comes to painting, there are generally 3 colors that are included in the color scheme; the color of the trim work, the color of the accent wall, and the primary color. Lighter colors are optimal to enhance the space of a small room, but with the many different trends, be creative. For example, break from the traditional white ceiling and opt for a pale, light color as the accent piece. When selecting the paint, keep in mind the levels of sheen; matte, semi-gloss, and gloss as well as the paint enhancement, like mildew resistant paint for bathrooms or laundry rooms. Paint offers a plethora of options and will go a long way in your remodeling quest on a budget.

Tile Walls & Flooring

Natural stone tile and manmade tile can get a bit pricy when selecting the finer materials, but when on a budget, sometimes if the tile replacement is necessary; consider minimizing the use of tile for the high-impact places like the floor and shower. Additionally you can select a less costly tile if you want to cover more square footage or cut more cost. With so many different options you don’t have to sacrifice beauty.

Replace Grout & Caulk

Little details are often overlooked but essential to the overall appearance of a room. If the budget doesn’t permit for all over tile replacement, replacing the grout and caulk can easily make a difference. Porous in nature, they accrue a lot of soil and moisture that breeds mildew and mold as well. After time the debris will make the caulk and especially the grout, look grimy, dingy and dull. With a few dollar investments you can replace the grout and caulk for shine and vibrancy. Grout also is available in a number of different colors and can change the composition for a new feel.

Hardware & Fixture Updates

Another expense that can get out of hand depending on your tastes, but with discipline, you can select a plethora of upgrades that will alter the décor of a room with little cost. But overall, these little upgrades can add to a whole new look. From light fixtures, lampshades, the handles on cabinets and drawers to light switch plates and outlet covers as well as towel racks, sink/shower/tub faucets can completely update the look of any room in your home.

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Consider using energy efficiency and go green if you decide to change the faucets or replace toilets and such. With the latest features and technological advances, you can opt to have these commodities designed with energy and water efficiency to save you cash on utility bills in the long run. When it comes to remodeling your home, use Laguna Bay Developing and let our experts get you the ultimate look within your budget price.

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