How Do I Know if My Attic is Properly Ventilated in Irvine, CA; Damaged Insulation, Roof Damage & More

Your roof is one of the crucial components to protecting your home from the elements. Having the right ventilation for your attic is essential to roof health. You wouldn’t want anything to stand in the way from your roof doing its job of keeping your home dry and energy efficient. There are several signs that may be present when you need more attic ventilation and Laguna Bay Developing is here to talk about them so you know what you should be watching for.

Dirt Around Air Vents

There are some cases where the amount of debris built up around the venting system under the roof is the problem rather than the ventilation itself. If clearing these vents of debris is a difficult task because you can’t reach them, you should have a professional do it for you so the ventilation system can do its job.

Inefficient Heating & Cooling System

The entire purpose of the ventilation system in your attic is to keep a good air flow through that space. This is key in your heating and cool system to run as it should. Without proper circulations, you may notice that your home isn’t heating and cooling as it should. When a problem is suspected, a good way to figure it out is with a thermometer set up in the attic to check the temperature up there.

Damaged Insulation

The ventilation system in your attic is there for more than just the temperature. It will also keep moisture from building up and causing problems. When there isn’t proper ventilation, you could be facing insulation problems. If see any insulation that is misshapen, this is a sign of damaged insulation. An inspection should reveal any insulation problems if ventilation issues are suspected.

Mold Issues in Home

If the ventilation is left without repair for too long, there will eventually be mold issues. Mold will damage much more than your insulation. It can cause problems that will compromise the entire structure of your home if you don’t fix the problem as soon as possible. Anytime that you are checking for mold, you should be wearing a respirator to protect yourself from the damaging effects of mold. If you don’t have the skills to do it yourself, it is worth hiring a professional to check for any mold problems that may be present.

Rust is Present

Along the same lines as the mold, too much moisture can turn to rust as well. There are many metal roofing components in your attic that can become damaged if rust starts to form.

Roof Damage

When your roof doesn’t have the right amount of ventilation, you could be putting your roof at risk of ice buildup in the winter. This can cause roof damage that will leave you with costly repairs.

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If you have noticed any signs that indicate your attic isn’t properly ventilated, Laguna Bay Developing offers inspections to get to the bottom of it. If you don’t have the ventilation you need, we can install it so you can rest easy and stay clear of any repairs as a result of improper ventilation. Call us today!

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