How Do You Prepare a Budget for a Renovation in Lake Forest, CA? Flooring, Paint, Hardware & More

Everyone enjoys change to their home now and again, or even older homes experiencing the wear and tear of time require some kind of attention, and remodeling is the path many of the homeowners take. But when the idea is there to give a room, a few rooms, or even the whole house a face-lift, it can be difficult to do it on a budget. Laguna Bay Developing would like to take the opportunity to share some tips and advice on how you can change the feel and design of a room with a limited budget.

What Should My Renovation Budget Be?

1) Tile. The trending tiles are typically the natural stone, but even some of the manmade stone tile can be pricy. When budgeting for the tile, consider only laying the tile down in the necessary areas where you need that high-impact protection, like on the floors and shower area. Consider your choices; there are many beautiful options with artistic tile and it can be affordable.
2) Paint. The most effective way to bring on change is through painting and it happens to be one of the more low-cost options. Changing a bathroom from white walls to adding creams, and pale accents will instantly transform the room. Keep in mind the smaller rooms will look more spacious with lighter colors and if the dark colors are appealing, use them as accents. Generally, a room can have a color scheme of 3 distinct colors: the primary color, the accent color, and trim work. Don’t be afraid to incorporate the colors with the interior designs you favor. Remember that when it comes to paint, the color isn’t all that matters, you can choose the different types of sheen; in the bathroom for example, select paint that is designed to resist mold and mildew. Using painting to alter the appearance of the room goes a long way.
3. Hardware and Fixtures. This suggestion can get expensive if you indulge in the high-end quality and such. But the details can significantly alter the overall look of any room. Light switch plates, outlet covers, towel racks, sink/shower/tub faucets, light fixtures, the handles on cabinets and drawers are all things you can upgrade to modernize any room in your home. If you decide to change the faucets or replace toilets and such, consider using energy efficiency and go green. Many of the latest technology enhanced fixtures can help you save money on power and/or water use. Or to save money on upgrading the fixtures and hardware, you can look into replacing them with upcycled selections. There are many resources you can find upcycled items from lampshades to accessories and so much more throughout the internet as well as find DYI projects to do it yourself.
4) Refresh Grout and Caulk. An often overlooked, yet essential detail is the grout and caulk. If the budget is low and changing the tile isn’t an option at this time, consider replacing the grout and caulk. These aspects are susceptible to getting dingy and grimy, particularly grout as it is very porous in nature. For a few dollars you can completely revitalize the tile by replacing the grout with fresh sparkling grout. Grout also comes in hundreds of colors, you can chose to stick with the original color or liven up the room simply by replacing the old grout with a new color.

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These are just a few ideas you can try to “remodel” any room in your home on a limited budget. With the help of Laguna Bay Developing, we can help you along the way and perform many of the services to get your home the fresh new look you crave. Call us today!

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