Island Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel in Laguna Hills, CA; Add a Sink, Shelf, Splash of Color & More

Designed to help accommodate some of the needs that go on in the kitchen, are kitchen islands. Storage, a prepping area, even a place to simply rest and gather together can be provided with a kitchen island. They do not have to settle with the first island they think looks nice, though many homeowners do not realize this during their kitchen remodeling. Commonly seen more as an aesthetic option, islands can serve many practical functions as well. During your remodeling experience, we at Laguna Bay Developing would like to take a look at some clever kitchen island solutions available to finish the perfect kitchen.

Can You Add a Sink in a Kitchen Island

You can help make your prepping area more efficient with a can help make your prepping area more efficient. Eliminate cross-contamination by having sink dedicated to food preparation and another specific for the dirty dishes. Having the extra sink in your island can be very beneficial, no matter if you simply prepare meals for family, or enjoy hosting gatherings.

What is a Kitchen Island Shelf?

An island double as decorative uses as well as practical use. Use it to showcase the colorful cookbooks, adding a splash of color and making it easy to grab beautiful dishes that can be stored on display, or other dishes or a few kitchen-like decorative objects.

Add a Splash of Color to Kitchen Island

You do not have to match the island with the cabinetry in the kitchen. To give the kitchen charm, you can add a splash of creative color. Use a striking color that will make the island pop, or you can bold, or a neutral color that still incorporates into the kitchen such as white, gray, or black.

How Do You Store Things on a Kitchen Island?

This can be used for storage options as islands have a fair amount of square-footage to them. Transforming the island into efficient and organized storage space can really be helpful to reduce clutter and make the kitchen dynamic more efficient. To conceal the garbage and recycling bins can be optimally placed in the kitchen island, the island can be a good place to store the snacks for the little kids who cannot reach pantry doors, dishes, pans, pots, smaller appliance, or even a place. You can custom design the island to better accommodate your storage space, especially useful for smaller homes with a plethora of options.

Maximize Kitchen Island Seating

Additionally, the island can be designed to provide seating. You can give people a place to sit whether you want to use it for informal meals, or better provide seating for casual parties. With extra chairs around the island so they can be easily relocated to join a tighter gathering, you can have it ready to be used to serve family or guests potluck or buffet style complete.

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The possibilities are endless, though these are just a few ideas. You can select one that is more fitting for your daily lifestyles and provide aid in your kitchen tasks when you need the kitchen remodeled and you want to update or install a new island for your kitchen. We can help you with the perfect island to complete your kitchen remodel, call Laguna Bay Developing today to schedule your kitchen remodeling consultation.

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