Replacing Old Windows with New Increases Energy Efficiency & Saves You Money in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA!

When you are considering doing a remodeling project in your home, you may want to think about having your windows replaced as well. There are a lot of benefits to window replacements and the greatest benefit is having better energy efficiency. You can save on the energy you use in your home every day simply by having your windows replaced. To better understand the benefits of window replacement, Laguna Bay Developing would like to share how window replacement can help you save energy and money.

Save with Energy Efficient Windows

There are new Energy Star rated windows that can help save the energy usage in your home, which equals money savings. Older windows are not designed nearly as well as modern windows. Basically, older windows let the heat from the sun into your home. In the winter, the windows can become very cold acting like an ice cube sitting in your wall. For each window in your home it could be costing you an extra $27 a year. Depending on the number of windows you have in your home, the total number can be hundreds and even thousands of dollars’ worth of energy waste. Newer windows are designed with two to three glass panes that is insulated with a gas, acting as a barrier form the elements outside your home. You can even install tinted windows that face the sun for even more energy savings. In short, newer energy-efficient windows can help you enhance your home energy savings.

Replacing Windows Helps with Insulation

Another benefit of installing new windows in your home is better insulation. Indoor leaks are very common and most occur at the exterior doors and windows of the home. Windows require maintaining and the weather stripping and edges sealed to help prevent indoor air leaks. When you have newer windows installed, they will be well insulated and they will close properly preventing any energy loss due to air leaks. When you decide to get new windows in your home you will remove the possibility of indoor air leaks at least coming from your windows which will help you save energy and money.

Other Benefits of Window Replacement Services

As saving energy and money is one of the primary benefits of investing in window replacements, there are many other reasons why you may want to have your windows replaced. When replacing the windows in your home, it helps to make the outside of your home look better and newer. When you want to boost your home’s curbside appeal, new windows can renew the look of your entire home. When replacing the windows you have the option to make windows bigger or smaller than the previous windows. It will take a bit of construction work but for some people it is well worth the cost. Some areas in a home simply demand more natural light which a bigger window will help. If you want more privacy you may want to make the windows smaller or install windows that can provide more privacy.

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There are many reasons why investing in new windows is a great idea, particularly during a home remodel. If you are planning to remodel your home and/or want to have energy efficient windows installed at the same time, we can help. To begin your next home improvement project, contact Laguna Bay Developing today.

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