Requirements & Considerations when Building a Deck in Los Alamitos, CA; Design, Budget, Style & More

Building out a deck to extend the outdoor living space can be a perfect solution for your family’s needs and when it is done right, a deck can add value to your home. When you decide you want a deck, whether you prefer a DIY approach or want it professionally established deck with guaranteed fine quality, there are some consideration you should take and we at Laguna Bay Developing would like to share a few of them today.

What Should You Consider & Do when Building a Deck?

Deck Design – Keep the deck design simple. This step is more for the DIY since with a professional’s help, it can be more complex. To do the DIY projects, first you need to take an honest assessment of your abilities and experience to ensure architecture is within your skillset. Also, make sure to avoid overwhelming steps that make you get burned out and rush the job or worse, abandon it. For instance, instead of trying to get it the project done at all once, space it is and do the storage deck at when point, take a break and then tackle the pergola, and so forth.

Deck Scale – Scale the deck according to the structure and property lines. Despite a three-story deck being an impressive element, it would not look right nest to a 1100-squarefoot, one story home with little yard to speak of. While you are developing the design, ensure measurements are scaled and configured to your home and landscaping.

Gather Deck Inspiration – There are endless options to help you get design styles of your deck. Jot down notes on your favorite materials, designs, and features to either plan your DIY deck or help a professional plan the deck.

Budget for Deck – Budget with wiggle room. Without accounting for errors or defective supplies, a DIY deck project costs $10 to $25 per square foot, depending on the complexity of the deck design and your choice of materials. It is best to leave wiggle room and plan for an additional 10%-15%. Being more straight forward, professional deck installation as they will provide you with the details in cost after you have consulted with the contractor and agreed on the deck you want.

Style of Deck – Blend the style of the deck and home together. As opposed to separate pieces of a puzzle, you want to make certain the deck and home look like a whole unit. With the deck instead of a tacked on after-thought, incorporate the whole motif and patter of your home to simply make an extension.

Deck Color – Compliment the color. The decking and components including as posts, rim joists, balusters, stair treads, and skirting are candidates for colors to make the deck attractive and welcoming. Through a variety of colors from staining and painting the wood deck can still look striking, just make sure it complements the home.

Built-in Deck Selections – Option like as built-in planters, benches, and storage may be implemented in the deck. Additionally, consider incorporating potted plants, freestanding furniture with weatherproof cushions, and bright deck umbrellas to bring the area some class and personal touches if the built-in options are beyond your DIY abilities and it is still your project.

Deck Codes & Permits – The deck may require codes or permits to be built depending on your location. Make sure you know the law and regulations before getting started.

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