What are Common Causes of Residential Fires in Seal Beach, CA? Electrical, Cooking, Dryer Vent Fire & More

There are thousands of residential fires that occur each year. The causes vary. Where most are accidental, they still pose a serious problem. Today Laguna Bay Developingwould like to share these top common causes of residential fires to help warn and prevent future fires. By learning about what often starts fires, hopefully residents can prevent them from occurring.

Top Causes of House Fires

Cooking Appliances – It is amazing how many of our food or cooking aids are flammable. Cooking appliances such as stoves or ovens often start fires. When grease splatters the grease can easily catch fire. Often people become distracted when cooking. The heat ignites the grease and a fire is started. It is wise never to leave a cooking appliance unattended or leave paper towels, cleaning cloths, or oven mitts near the cooking area.

Home Heating Systems – Portable heaters, furnaces, or boilers can and often start fires. If debris inside or near the heaters heat up and catch fire, a home fire is born. Even furniture too close to a HVAC vent has been known to catch fire. Often debris inside the furnace burns and if the embers travel through the air ducts, sensitive materials can catch fire.

Careless Smoking – Smokers that don’t practice safe smoking usually end up burning their own home down. Fallen cigarette embers are hot enough to burn fabrics, paper, carpet and other materials it falls on. For those who smoke, you will want to keep a deep ash tray near your smoking areas along with a fire extinguisher. You will want to make sure after you’re finished smoking you put out the embers of the cigarette. Also consider the areas you choose to smoke. It is not wise to smoke in clustery areas where something can catch fire.

Electrical Equipment – Poor wiring of electrical equipment or poor safety practices often lead to fires. If electrical devices, plugs, or wires are frayed or exposed, you’re at risk of a fire. Overloaded sockets are another common problem. Some may even run extension cords under rugs or heavy furniture. All is a fire risk and should be avoided.

Candles or Flammable Liquids – Unattended candles all too often cause fires. Candles are great for adding aroma and mood to a home. However, never leave candles near flammable materials and never leave candles unattended. Paints and other liquids poorly stored also can become a problem. Flammable or combustible liquids should never be stored near heated areas or even in the garage. Summer heat waves can ignite certain types of liquid. Be cautious of what liquids are stored and where.

Other Major Causes of Fires – There are other causes of fires to consider such as children playing with matches, inadequate wiring, and even Christmas decorations and lighting. Make sure to keep matches, lighters, and other fire-starting items away and out of the reach of children. It is also wise to teach children the dangers of fire. Have your home wiring inspected every few years to make sure all wiring systems are safe and in order. Especially in older homes or if a home has had a rodent invasion recently, make sure to have the home’s wiring system inspected and if needs be, have it replaced. Lastly, during the holidays we bring out lights and other holiday decorations that require power or cluster tightly together. Be mindful of the outlets and do not overload them. Make sure the extension cords or plugs are safe and not damaged. Light bulbs also produce heat. Make sure the light bulbs are not in contact with Christmas trees or other flammable materials.

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