What are Some Considerations to Address when Selecting Kitchen Flooring for a Remodel in Laguna Woods, CA?

When you are remodeling your kitchen, there are several different decisions you’re going to have to make when it comes to finishes, colors and materials that will be used to make your kitchen what you have been dreaming of. One of the biggest decisions in your kitchen will be what type of flooring you want in there. You need to think about a few things as you are making the right decision for your home. Laguna Bay Developing is here to talk about some of the considerations you should make as you choose your new kitchen flooring.

Most Durable Type of Flooring

If your home is like most, there will be a significant amount of traffic in your kitchen. You should take this into consideration as you choose the flooring you are planning on putting in there. If you have a home with small children or a home with pets, you are going to want a flooring that is more durable than an older couple that are far less busy. With a busy household, you may want to consider choosing something more durable like stone or tile for your floor. Durability should be one of your main concerns when choosing your kitchen floor.

Kitchen Flooring Style Options

Of course, when you are remodeling your kitchen, style is going to come into play. Take into account the colors you are choosing for your kitchen as well as the textures. This is a good time to decide whether or not you want your kitchen floor to be the star of the show. Maybe you would rather the focus be on the cabinets or the countertops you have chosen, if that’s the case, stay away from bold colors and finishes.

Best Kitchen Flooring to Keep Clean & Maintain

Every type of flooring is going to require a certain amount of maintenance. It is important that you understand what the flooring you choose will need when it comes to maintenance.
– Limestone is exceptionally porous and will be more susceptible to staining. It will need to be sealed at least twice a year.
– Wood flooring is somewhat durable, but you do need to have it sealed and refinished every 5-6 years.
– While tile may be one of the more durable options, your grout will need to be professionally cleaned and sealed to help fight stains.

How Much Should I Budget for Kitchen Flooring?

The budget you have for your kitchen floor will be a driving factor in what you choose. There are some types of flooring that can cost as much as $75 per square foot. Before you get too deep into choosing your kitchen floor, make a plan for your budget so you know what you can look at.

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