What are the Major Components of a Roof in Villa Park, CA? From Attic Vents & Decking Board to Soffits

A roof is composed of many layers that work together to protect your home’s exterior and interior from damage and elemental discomforts. The roof of your home plays a major role in the entire structure of the home which is why it is important to maintain your roof to ensure its longevity. Most homeowners will just focus on the roof’s tile or shingles to determine whether or not the roof is in good condition. However, each layer is equally as important as the very top, which is why Laguna Bay Developing would like to share the key components, or the various layer of a roof to better help homeowners understand and detect other possible problems of their home’s roof and hopefully seek repair before the entire roof requires replacing.

Main Components of a Roof Structure

Sheathing or Decking Board – The sheathing or also referred to as the decking board, is the wood sheets that lay on top of the rafters. These wooden sheets form the foundation or form of the roof. As the home ages it is common for the sheathing to warp or become weak, especially around the edges. If a portion of the roof becomes damaged and the sheathing was exposed to water or pests, this too is a common problem with sheathing. Another issue that affects the roof’s sheathing is if the interior attic isn’t properly insulated or if moisture gets trapped inside the attic space and builds up underneath the sheathing. This will cause problems that will affect the entire roof. The easiest way to inspect the roof’s sheathing is to go inside the attic at least once a year and inspect the sheathing.

Flashing – Flashing is a metal sheet that is used around chimneys, skylights, valleys, and vents to keep water out or from seeping underneath the top layer of a roof. Most roof leaks are due to old or damaged flashing. One of the most common roof repairs are for the flashing, which over time can buckle, tear, become loose or rusted because of the water and other external elements that penetrates the roof. Again, once a year climb on top of the roof and check the state of the flashing and use caulking glue to help seal the cracks or gaps or re-tighten the flashing in place.

Roofing Tiles or Shingles – Most roofs will either have concrete tile or asphalt shingle as the very top layer of the roof. This material is designed to reflect the heat from the sun and protect the roof from outdoor elements. If your roof tile falls, appears to be cracked or broken, or is coming loose, they will need to be repaired quickly. Shingles often need to be replaced or re-secured down. As the shingles fall, have them replaced.

Attic Vents – Attics require ventilation to help remove the excess heat inside the attic. Most home will have attic vents. It is important to clean any obstruction away from the vents. Keep them clean to ensure proper air flow. They may develop rust from rain or snow storms. As the deteriorate, be sure to replace them.

Soffits – Soffits are the overhang material on the edges of homes. They help connect all of the internal roofing layers and help protect the edge of the roof. They can begin to erode or rust over time. To ensure the inner portions stay protected, replace the soffits as needed.

Fascia – The final edge of the roof is the fascia which is the wood board that outlines the roof. If the wood begins to dry out, crack, split, or warp you will want to replace them. It helps to prolong the fascia life by repainting them every few years to help protect the wood.

Gutters & Downspouts – One additional feature to many roofs is a gutter and downspout system. They are designed to redirect the flow of water from rain, melting snow, or hail from off of the roof and away from your home. It is important to keep gutters and the downspouts clean and replace them as they decay or become damaged.

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Laguna Bay Developing hopes we were able to help you learn more about roofs and how you can help maintain and extend the life of your roof. If you need help repairing or replacing your home’s roof, contact Laguna Bay Developing today.

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