What is the Best Exterior Siding Type in Laguna Niguel, CA? Vinyl, Fiber Cement, Stucco, Stone or Other?

In today’s home market, there are a variety of choices from interiors to exterior esthetics. Whether you are building a home, or renovating your old one, your home’s exterior is just as important as the interior. So, when deciding on the siding that’s right for you, Laguna Bay Developing would like to give you pros and cons of a few popular choices.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has become a popular choice among homeowner in the U.S. due to low cost, versatility and low maintenance. Though the vinyl siding has a plastic look to it, it also comes with color choices and decorative style options. This has DIY advantages, and it’s easily installed. Tools are readily available at home improvement stores. Mistakes however, can be costly. It is very important you follow manufacturer’s directions exactly and prepare yourself with the “how to” videos if you insist on taking on this project alone. Quick review on vinyl siding:
• Low cost.
• Diverse styles and colors.
• Easy installation for the prepared.
• Tools are readily available.
• Costly fixes if mistakes arise.
• Distinct plastic look.

Wood Siding

Wood siding has become a favored choice for Bungalow homes, Cape Cod Homes, or Cottage homes. If properly maintained, the wood siding has a rich look and is very durable. This look does require maintenance repeatedly. Chalking, painting and staining, and sealants need to be done. Wood siding does attract insects and rodents. Depending on your maintenance commitments, your wood siding can thrive anywhere from 10-100 years. There are a few designing choices, and offers options on installation. Some manufacturers offers pretreated fire retardant chemicals, for areas with high risk. Painting or staining wood siding is an additional cost. Quick review on wood siding:
• Durability if properly cared for.
• Painting or staining options available.
• Installation style preferences.
• Maintenance is a must.
• Attracts insect and rodent life that contributes to damage.
• Can get pricey for bigger homes.

Brick Siding

Brick siding can in a variety of sizes and textures, being created by fired clay. Colonial homes, Tudor homes, and English Cottage homes are traditionally use brick siding. This look provides charm and beauty for over a hundred years. In modern home construction, brick siding is composed outside of a home’s wood frame structure, with mortar to hold the bricks together. Water can penetrate a brick veneers, thus a membrane is installed in between the brick veneers for structure protection. If properly installed, brick siding can last the life of your home.
Installing brick siding is intensive and strenuous. Cost is generally more expensive than other siding options. Quick review on brick siding:
• Charming look.
• Long lasting.
• Variety of texture and size options.
• Expensive installation cost.
• If not properly installed, problems could arise.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber-cement siding can create the look of masonry, stucco or wood at a lower cost. Fiber-cement siding is non-flammable, termite-resistant and is low maintenance. Styles and textures are in wide variety, and factory painting or finishes is recommended. Fiber-cement sidings are prone to moisture problems, and homes pre-dating the 1980’s could be contain asbestos, and would require a professional removal. This siding lasts between 25-50 years depending on manufacturer quality. Quick review on fiber cement siding:
• Non-flammable.
• Termite resistant.
• Low maintenance.
• Diverse styles
• Prone to moisture related issues.
• Shorter life span.

Stucco Siding

Stucco is traditionally made with building sand, Portland cement, lime and water. Stucco siding is commonly found on Mediterranean homes, Ranch homes, and Spanish-mission homes. The wooden structure is cover with water-proof paper and galvanized metal before stucco is added. Stucco Siding s very rigid, and with proper installation, cracks can be reduced and maintenance can extend the durability for a life time. Quick review on stucco siding:
• Strong, lasting surface, lasting a lifetime if properly installed and maintained.
• Affordability.

• If not properly installed, cracks and damage can occur.
• Limited color choices.

Stone & Stone-Veneer Siding

Natural durability and elegance of stones like granite and limestone have become appealing to most homeowner. Adds texture and esthetics to the exterior of homes. Stone and stone-veneering is extremely difficult to add on to existing homes. Stone sidings are more costly than other material. Lasts the life of a home and comes in assortment of styles. Needs to be properly maintained and cleaned. Quick review on stone and stone-veneer siding:
• High quality stone has strong durability.
• Assorted styles for unique esthetics.
• Lasts through a home’s life.
• Expensive.
• Needs proper installation.
• Regular scheduled cleaning is a must.

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Finding the right exterior siding for your home has a wide range of choices. Ensure that the surface you choose is good for the climate you live in, budget cost, and maintenance commitments needs to be considered. No matter what you choose, Laguna Bay Developing can assist in a variety of installation and repair services. Call us for all your interior and exterior remodeling needs.

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