What Kind of Damage Does a Fire Cause in Buena Park, CA? Heat, Soot, Smoke & Water Damage

If you have been the victim of a fire you know that the aftermath is stressful and hard to clean up. When it comes to a fire they can be caused many different ways and they all end up the same. You could have something faulty with electrical wires that have overheated. It could be from a candle that was left to burn and got too close to another object. The reason for the fire will not change what type of damage is sustained and what has to be done to clean up after it. The longer the fire is left to burn the more damage will be done. The cleanup will happen in whatever rooms are effected. Laguna Bay Developing outlines the three ways that a fire damages your home or office.

Heat & Soot Damage from a Fire

This is the one that does the damage that you can see right off the bat. The heat that comes off the flames of a house fire are really hot and can ruin almost anything in its path. The heat from the flames will melt the paint on the walls and any plastic that it comes across. It will turn fabric from you carpets to your couches all the way to ash. If left for too long the heat will start to burn down the structural parts of the home like the framing. It can be devastating and this the part of the fire that ruins the items in your home so they are not usable any longer.

How Bad is Smoke Damage?

This is the damage that you are left to deal with for a long period of time if you do not restore the home after the fire properly. The smoke will billow through the entire house and does not just stay in the room that the fire is burning. The smoke and the smell that comes with it can get into the walls, clothes, and furniture that may not have even been touched by the heat of the flames. You need to be sure that the restoration company can handle smoke damage so that the smell is eliminated when the house is back together.

What is Considered Water Damage?

This comes as a result of the fire. The fire department uses water and fire hoses to extinguish the flames when a home catches fire. This means that if your home has areas that could have survived they will still be soaked by the water that was used to stop the spread of the fire. Water damage has to be dealt with quickly and correctly to ensure that no further damage occurs from mold or mildew.

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Laguna Bay Developing can not only help you clean up after a fire, but we can rebuild your home as well. We can restore your residence to pre-disaster condition or remodel it to look and function even better. Call us for all your home remodeling needs!

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