Which is Better; Quartz or Granite Countertops for Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel in Laguna Beach, CA?

When remodeling a kitchen or bathroom the countertops can help update and enhance the look and function of the room. Natural stone countertops are becoming very popular with granite and quartz leading as the most desired natural stone options for countertops. When remodeling a bathroom or kitchen and you are considering installing new countertops, Laguna Bay Developing would like to share why granite and quartz countertops are common choices and see if you will want to install one of these natural stone countertops during your next remodel.

What are the Pros & Cons of Quartz Countertops?

Quartz stone is one of the top favorite natural stones and is being seen in more and more homes. Natural stone is beautiful and durable. Some can be difficult to cut especially into curves or joints that need to match exactly. Quartz, however, is much more easy to work with. Quartz can be jointed together and cut into curves. One of the major differences between Quartz and other natural stone is that most natural stones are cut out of the ground and from a natural quarry while quartz is now manufactured. Quartz is still a natural stone but is manufactured using ground quartz crystals and a polyester resin. The ground crystal is the bulk of the material and is bonded together using the resin. This offers the opportunity to create various colors and patterns which mimic natural stone. Most quartz countertops are manufactured to mimic granite or marble. The marble is a common pick since real marble is very hard to take care of and doesn’t last as long. This is why quartz marble looking countertops are one of the best substitutes. Since the ground quartz is bonded by the resin the resin also allows more unique cuts to be made, allowing curved countertops an option. Additionally you can join separate pieces together using the same resin that manufactured the countertop creating an almost seamless countertop. Another benefit of quartz countertops is they need less maintenance. Granite and other natural stones require polishing and resealing once a year. Quartz countertops don’t need either.

What’s Right & Wrong with Granite Countertops?

Another popular choice is granite countertops. Granite countertops are more of an investment. However it is well worth it. Granite is simply a beautiful material and is often used in kitchens. Granite is a very durable natural stone which can withstand a lot of wear and tear. With proper maintenance granite countertops can look new even after ten years of abuse. Granite holds up great against heat which is why it is often used in kitchens. Hot dishes can be placed on top without damaging the surface of the granite. It is not affected if next to a hot stove or oven. Granite is also stain resistant. Granite is sealed and sturdy which keeps it from getting stained and spills are easily wiped away unlike marble and slate. Granite is formed in the ground and is dug out of natural quarries As such it provides a one in a life time color and pattern which will never be duplicated.

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When you are remodeling a bathroom or kitchen and you are considering installing new countertops make sure to check out quartz or granite countertops. They are a worthwhile investment and can enhance your kitchen with their beauty. When you need help with a remodeling project, contact Laguna Bay Developing.

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