Wood Trim & Finish Carpentry Adds Value in Placentia, CA; Crown Molding, Baseboard, Casing & More

When you plan to remodel your home or are looking for ways to help increase your home’s value, don’t neglect the trim or carpentry work. Poorly installed, damaged or cheap trim work can lower the value of a home. To help maintain or improve your home’s value, don’t forget to maintain or replace the trim or carpentry work around the home when the time comes. Whether you are remodeling your home or looking for small projects to help increase your home’s value, Laguna Bay Developing will share how the right trim can improve your home’s value.

Types of Trim & Finish Carpentry

When choosing to add or replace old trim work around your home it is important to match the home’s theme, design, or the neighborhood’s style. Never mix colonial with a modern style home. Trim work enhances the home’s current feel and design. Here are some of the most recommended trim or carpentry trims that enhances a home.
Crown Molding: Crown molding is carpentry trim work that encases the ceiling of a room or home. Crown molding comes in many different styles and can be painted or left as natural wood. Crown molding enhances the look of the room and home. It adds elegance and looks especially great on high or vaulted ceilings. One of the highly and most sought after style crown molding is those that are three-and-one-quarter-inch in diameter.
Baseboards: Baseboards are the wood work or trim that goes along the walls and separates the wall from the floor. Most homes are built with trim already inside the home. However, contractors often use thin baseboards. If you want to add value to your home, remove the older baseboards in favor of wider or taller baseboards. Trim that is between four and six inches high can help improve the home’s value and enhances the look of the room. Additionally, taller or wider baseboards helps protect the wall from damage by furniture.
Window & Door Casing: Most windows that are flush with the wall often have trim or casing. The same can be said about doorways. However, sunken windows, or regular windows, and even some doorways may not have trim work or trim in good condition. To improve or maintain the value of the home, make sure both the doors and windows are encased with trim work. If you remodel or redesign the trim work in a room, make sure the doors and windows match.
Wainscoting: Wainscoting is a half wall (or slightly lower) wood or paneling that goes around the room. Wainscoting comes in many different styles or forms that can accommodate modern to colonial designed homes. Wainscoting is often more highly sought after in formal rooms such as formal dining rooms or greeting rooms. Wainscoting can add value as well as beauty to any room.

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Wood work or trim has become a major part of any home. The trim work can enhance the home’s look and value in many ways. There are so many types or variations of trim or carpentry work that can fit any design or theme. If you want to add value and redesign your home, contact Laguna Bay Developing. We provide many remodeling services, including trim and carpentry. To schedule our services, contact us today.

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